Thursday, December 8, 2011
I had it this week.

I got a...

Totally awesome "A-ha!" moment.

The A-ha moment is that moment when the client you are working with just.. *gets it.*

It is seriously the most amazing feeling ever. I think I should have probably added a third person in my stick figure drawing of me crazy dancing with happiness.

Today, I did a crazy dance. The victory? A child who has a very hard time with fronting said "cup." Wow. Commence with crazy happy dancing now!
"Huh??"  --> "A-ha!!!"

Another a-ha... I am working with an older child on planning and writing for a variety of purposes. Currently we are tackling persuasive writing. My plan of attack for the day was to brainstorm together!

We talked through the topic out loud, and while we discussed it, I wrote down everything we said. We would think of negatives/positives for the ideas we discussed. Usually I write down notes and take data throughout the entire session, so I didn't tell the child that I wasn't doing just that in this particular session. After we were done coming up with lots of good points, I showed the child what I had written.

The child literally said:
Wow! This is like the essay right here! All I have to do is add more words to make the points sentences! 
As aforementioned happy dance is not always appreciated in the above 5 year old crowd, I happy-danced inside. He just had his "A-ha!" moment for why we outline and plan for writing.  That kind of learning experience is priceless. I could have told him a million times that outlining will help you plan essays, will help you write more clearly, will help you to stay on topic... but having him discover this himself - amazing!!

I hope to see many more "A-ha's" in my years to come as an SLP!

#slpeeps - Share your best "a-ha" moments! I would love to hear about them...


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