Monday, December 12, 2011
The holidays are here! :) 

Today is my last week of work before two weeks off for the holidays. I'm excited, and the office is buzzing with excitement. Of course, some of that may be due to the sugar rush from treats that some of the families have brought in - haha!

Although Thanksgiving is I guess more of a time to give thanks, I do want to take the opportunity to reflect on how happy I am with my job, my coworkers, and all of the wonderful families I serve. I love each and every one of the children I see, and I am excited to come into work each day to see their (most of the time) smiling faces. Even in the midst of the worst tantrums, I'm thankful that my job lets me get paid for playing games and making kids laugh and feel success all day!

Another thing I'm thankful for? The expanding number of readers for SpeechieSpeaking!

On Friday, I made the decision to purchase the domain for It appears that it isn't quite up yet, so hopefully there hasn't been any issues with accessing the blog in the meantime.

Thinking of taking the time that I have a cancelled client to film a product review for an awesome app I love called ArtikPix! Of course, preparing for my afternoon children with some extra homework is probably a much better plan :)

Off to be productive!


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