Tuesday, November 8, 2011
I have to post a quick blurb to say I am positively blown away by the response to Makily's story/blog entry. A few folks expressed some very kind words, and I do want to acknowledge that I appreciate it very much.

It is awesome how a story that is simply that good and amazing needs no embellishments. A story that good speaks for itself. Makily, my darling, you are positively yelling with your story!

Hope I can do some more stories like this in the future. Being a speech therapist is truly an ah-mazing job. I seriously have little and big victories almosy every day with a child. It is so exciting for the child, for their family, and for me! (Can't lie... I'm selfish and love a good victory hehe) I can't share all those stories, but I always will be able to smile when I think of those kids.

Until another time....


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