Wednesday, November 9, 2011
As you know, I have mentioned the Time Timer in a few previous blogs. Some updates!

1. I have been using the 3" model in therapy, and it is a great visual, as I mentioned. A lot of my kids who aren't really very savvy with telling time ask me to set that one for them so they can see it. It has, believe it or not, prevented some tantrums. Woot!

2. It is not without flaws. I love how there is a plastic cover that can go over the face of it to protect it, but there is a design flaw. If the timer falls down onto its back (or falls down off the table), it knocks the battery out of the  holder. Then your timer stops going, or, when you set it back on the table and try to set it later, you might not notice that time is not elapsing for a minute or so. Boo. I'll do a video about this later.

3. I got the iPad version as well! At only $6.99, I figured it was worth a try. The iPhone version is somewhat sparse looking (from screenshots), so even though it was cheaper at $1.99, I went for the $6.99 version that is made for iPad. It does have several advantages over buying the cheaper iPhone version.

4. So far, no Android app! When I contacted the company, I was told to watch for it in the fall. I checked the Android Market last night, and no luck thus far. Perhaps it is still in the works...

Until later... when I have time to do a video!


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