Sunday, November 6, 2011
As I have mentioned before, I update the website for the company that I work for -- TheraKids. I think the website I put together came out great, and with the help of my coworker, it has some excellent content. However, the fact of the matter is, how many of our current families are going to the website?? Probably none.

I decided this weekend to play with the idea of a TheraKids page on Facebook. A little playing, a bit of fiddling with Google, and... TheraKids, Inc. on Facebook is born! Let me give a little background how-to for others interested.

Opening up a business page on Facebook is done from within your regular profile. For me, there were already people that logged into a TheraKids location, so I only had to "claim" the page. (Isn't that an odd concept??) When you first load up your business page, you can't personalize the address. You must first get to 25 "likes"/fans in order to do this. Since I was eager to add the "like" button to our websites, I went ahead and invited my friends and family to like us. Once you get to 25 likes, you can then go to "Edit page." It will open up a bunch of options to personalize. Under "Basic Information" you will find the option to select a username. You cannot change the username once you select it, so get your best typing and thinking skills ready for that one. I chose: OcalaTheraKids. Since this username was available, our website on Facebook is now:

Really pretty easy so far!

Now, I wanted to personalize the first page that people saw when they went to the site on Facebook. I didn't want a wall to be the first thing that came up, so I started fiddling with the idea of personalizing the page. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't have built-in ways to do it through their company. However, you can use third-party applications to do this. Some of them are amazing looking... but cost a lot of money. Some of them take a little fiddling, but are free! I obviously opted for free.

I found a great tutorial from a blog here:

What I did is build a website through (free) Google Sites that will automatically load whenever someone goes to my page. (Go here to see it) I customized the "tab" (or page) that will open automatically when people go to our site on Facebook under the "Edit Page" --> "Manage Permissions" area (Default Landing Tab). You use a third-party application through Facebook to create an app yourself that runs on your Facebook page. It then creates a "tab." I think the best thing to do at this point is to link to the video from the blog I cited above. Really not as bad to do as it seems! :) Enjoy!