Friday, October 21, 2011
I work four days a week seeing clients in my private practice, but admittedly I could work an extra day just finishing reports, planning for therapy, and creating materials. Today I am headed in to do just that. I had an early doctor's appointment and decided I would come in to get some work done. Right now I am being extremely productive by getting my car washed. I have been researching online electronic methods of doing SOAP notes to no avail. It seems like the best options out there are just simply extremely pricey. I don't see enough clients to justify a monthly charge to document daily notes when I could do it for free written. Next week I will be completing my second AAC device evaluation with some wonderful kids. I am still waiting for my kids approved from my first evaluations to get their devices. It is a shame that the process has to be filled with so much paperwork, waiting, and crossing fingers. I have one child I am beginning to look into fundraising to get an iPad. On the topic of iPads, I recently purchased on for myself. It has a wealth-load of options and programs for doing therapy. I applied for a grant to receive a coveted Proloquo2go sponsorship and program. I saw their program first when I was in graduate school, and while it is not perfect, it is an excellent alternative to the thousands of dollars you can spend to get a dedicated augmentative device. With a 16gb iPad and the Proloquo software, a family would end up spending around $700. Much more feasible of a number than over $1,000 certainly. One issue with looking into an iPad or iPhone is the lack of insurance coverage. Because it is not a dedicated communication device, (one that is solely used for this purpose), insurance companies will not help to cover the costs. However, it is a good choice for a family whose insurance will cover only a percentage of the purchase of a DynaVox type system. Cost wise, the iPad may be a better alternative. One thing that amazes me is how resistant to the use of augmentative devices some folks can be. I think part of it is motivated by a fear, or lack of knowledge, about technology. And yes... I did say fear. It can be frightening to a person who is not comfortable or familiar with computers to suddenly have a very expensive computer under their care. There is always a fear that it could be broken, or a setting gets selected that is hard to find again. I hope through my work that I can help people to become more comfortable with the idea of using technology like this to better their lives. A little education can go a long way in empowering a parent to be successful using a communication device with their child. Parents are not the only ones nervous about using technology I'm their services... I highly encourage SLPs out there with an iPad currently to start exploring all that this wonderful device can do. It also is amazing how motivating the use of a touch screen device is to my kids. The other day one of my kids worked for about 27 minutes (out of a 30 minute session) to earn 30 second play periods of Angry Birds. We were doing intensive speech therapy drill, and oh yes, the child is only 6. Amazingly productive session thanks to my iPad. Better be off to do my paperwork now... Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


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