Tuesday, October 25, 2011
I reviewed a bubble machine a few months ago from Gazillion Bubbles, and it has attracted quite a bit of attention on YouTube. As this obviously appeals to readers, I want to appease readers as best I can. I am going to go through toys, games, and books for children that I have found useful in the therapy setting and write a brief description and review for each. I will include the product info as well. I will try my best to always mention any cons I may have found for the item along with the pros. It will be fun to write more on this topic. Also have to report, the electronic SOAP notes were so awesome the last two days of work, that today after work I took the time and made an electronic template for my daily home progress notes for parents. Usually I write out a brief description of our short term goals (with examples) along with whatever the homework assignment may be. It can get very timely with the amount of kids on my caseload just to complete that preliminary paperwork step. Now I have a personalized, printed progress note for each child that will be easier to read and easier to make! Let's look at time comparisons: 1. Spend about 1 to 2 minutes writing out the short term goals for the 15 or so kids I see each day. About 30 minutes. 2. Rewrite the same short term goals (as well as an example for clarity) each time you see a child... even if it is two to three times a week.... Time spent on that? Well, the time is more ticking away your remaining "sanity/patience threshold limit" minutes. 3. Have all goals and plans pre-typed on computer. No longer attempt to scribble a note while an antsy two year old attempts to open and close every drawer on your desk. (Try writing out a home plan while repeatedly saying "no, no" and getting up to redirect the child to a more appropriate activity. Again, why chip away at your sanity like that?) Solution = print out those prewritten goals and homework plans each morning. Time? Probably 3 minutes total. Adjusting a goal? A few seconds... 3 minutes. Total. Wow. Got on a tangent there. Will write more as I get more time using my new system... Goodnight! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


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