Saturday, October 22, 2011
After spending a good hour or two fiddling, I figured out how to do an electronic SOAP note through Excel2007. Now, it isn't perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. Currently I'm trying to figure out how to make formatting a little cleaner looking, but like I said, it is a start.

I can't keep this electronic SOAPiness to myself though... so I took a few images of the basic formula used to create my SOAP note. Here is how it basically works: 
  • - A key exists on a second page of your document. It is in a table format. The first column is where you fill in a number based on the options for the blanks in your field. Each row stands for each blank in your form.
  • - In my form (the first page with the SOAP note), I would type everything that stays the same in one cell, and then in the next cell I would put in a formula. The formula is the "CHOOSE" formula. It allows you to automatically fill in that cell based on a choice you make from another cell. 
  • - Here is an example of the formula that I might place in my first cell, column A, row 1  (A1):    =CHOOSE(B2,"with cheese.","without cheese.").
  • - In this example, cell B2 (column B, row 2) will be the place that I will either type a 1 for "with cheese." or a 2 for "without cheese." You don't have to have a key for the formula to work, but unless you have a super memory, you will want it.
  • - Let's look at it in pictures!
In this step, my cell D9 is the blank in my SOAP form. You can see my key off to the right. The formula I have inputted will fill in data based on the number I type in the cell N6.

Click to see this enlarged!

Here I create the next fill-in cell, E9. In this formula, it will fill in data based on the number I type into N7. You can see also that I have typed "1" into N6. This has autofilled D9 with the option 1 -- "with"

Click to see this enlarged!

In this final image, you can see that I have selected option 1 in N6 and option 2 in N7. These numbers are the choices for "with" "caregiver."
Click to see this enlarged!

Using this basic idea, you can create a form to select the types of treatment/behavior/etc. from a list of options you create.

What if you want to leave a cell blank? Just make that an option. The formula would look like this with a blank: =CHOOSE(N7, "parent.","caregiver", "  ")

If I were to type the number 3 in N7, it would fill in my cell with two spaces (the quotation marks do not transfer).

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about how to implement it! I hope to create a form that has buttons to select instead of numbers in the future. Will take a bit more fiddling to figure that one out!


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