Monday, August 15, 2011
Visual Supports - Sentence Strips

Today I want to talk about a visual support -- sentence strips. Sentence strips are a great visual aid for working on asking/answering questions appropriately. What defines appropriately?
  • - Asking questions in the correct grammatical order -- "Can I have more please?" instead of "I can have more please?"
  • - Using questions to request for action and/or information -- if your child needs something, do they ask you with a question or simply tell you? (Think: "Juice please" versus "Can I have juice please?")
  • - Asking questions in conversation -- if your child has trouble thinking of things to talk to others about, conversational skills can be targeted by giving your child some visual supports on topics/questions they can discuss with others
  • - Answering questions in conversation -- if you ask a question, does your child respond appropriately?
* Keep in mind that certain types of questions (ex: Why) are not a skill that we expect very young children to be able to answer/ask appropriately... your SLP (or you, as an SLP!) will have to determine if this is an area that needs to be a focus in therapy.

Here are some pictures as well as a video showing sentence strips...


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