Monday, August 1, 2011
Okay, I'm going update crazy lately, but I did want to share this video. I have an office of my own at a pediatric private practice, and I am a decorator. Not professional of course -- it is more like I just feel comforted by organized clutter/decorations around me. I didn't want to decorate my office with anything that would be too distracting visually for my kids, and I wanted it to be something easy to do and cute looking.

Blik! (

Blik has vinyl wall decals that are awesome. There are lots of different designs available, but I chose this blowfish design (click here) and this removable/reusable alphabet design for a border (click here). I absolutely love them, and I filmed the process of me putting up the blowfish for those interested. On the pricey side, but it just brings a lot of warmth and happiness to the room.

Check out the video:


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