Thursday, July 21, 2011
Product Review Time! This is a product I learned about in graduate school that I am dying to purchase, but just haven't gotten around to it. It is - a Time Timer! (
8" Time Timer
(Image from Time Timer's Flickr stream for marketing!) This is an awesome timer tool that you can use with children who don't have a strong grasp on the concept of time -- extremely useful for children on the Autism Spectrum or those with ADHD. It allows you to select what time you want it to count down, and it shows a visual (red) representation of the time as it counts down. If you are a newbie SLP, or someone unfamiliar with the use of visual supports -- I can't stress enough how amazing the use of visual aids can be. When an individual has a language delay, a concept like time can be really abstract. "We just have a little bit more work left..." "I want you to keep working for a few more minutes" "Keep working until I say it is time for our next activity!" Sure, you could tell that to a typically developing child, and (so long as they are feeling like students that day) they will continue to work until you say it is time for the next activity. But what about a child that needs a strict schedule? What if the idea of the "when?" concept drove you crazy?? But when exactly? Imagine if you were working at a job and your boss said you'd get paid... sometime soon. What do you MEAN sometime soon?? I want a schedule! I want to know when! Children on the Autism Spectrum (the prime example I can think of) really benefit from a device that shows a visual representation of time. It takes away the necessity for understanding the concept of time and allows it to be representing visually -- a sand timer of sorts that you can set for whatever time you want. The child can see the time count down. TimeTimer is really the best device that I know on the market, but I will definitely keep an eye out for any other products that are similar. They have a bunch of different size timers as well as apps for PC/Mac and iPod/iPad apps. No Android app yet released, but I did e-mail the developers today to see if there was anything in the works for those of us on the Droid side. So -- this is my first product review on an awesome device that I think is worth a purchase! More to come later... ~*~


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