Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another week is over, and unfortunately it was not the best of weeks sadly. I caught a cold and ended up losing my voice from coughing. Croaking and squeaking out animal sounds or "more please" to my two year old clients might frighten them!

"All done Ms. Kelseyyy!"

I figure I will start my blog out with an intro into what I do.

I get paid to play play doh. I bark and meow. I play Hungry Hippos and Candy Land for a good part of my workday. When I am not playing awesome games, I am helping families communicate with their children. I help moms and dads and caregivers have more successful interactions with their kids. I help children tell their needs and wants and reduce their frustrations. I watch kids learn to read and write stories, and hear them go from their first words and sounds to sentences and conversations. It is the best job.

I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist, and my job ROCKS!

I am a (relatively) newly minted speechie. I graduated from the University of Florida in 2010 with my Masters. I highly recommend this field. Best recommendations? Patience, a willingness to learn for life, a willingness to be goofy (!), and a love of kids if you work with that population.

Now, I should add here the PSA that speech therapists do a lot more than just work on "r" problems. Part of our training and field includes work in voice, feeding, swallowing, cognitive, and reading therapy. I so far have primarily specialized in early intervention work, reading and writing, language disorders, and some pragmatics work. I work with a lot of different kids and all of them have something about them that makes me smile

I hope to share any ideas and happy/funny stories on here as they happen. I look forward to sharing with other speeches out there in cyber world.

Until later!


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