Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Hello! Welcome to the new design of the website!

I am so excited to reveal a cleaner look for the blog and website. I hope that you will find entries easier to read and navigate between. The resource page has been redesigned, however I do plan to update with more resources. As I add resources, I will do a blog entry to explain what has been added. The about me page and Amazon store pages both received slight updates. Items available through my Amazon store will be refreshed soon to more current materials.

Upcoming projects:

  • Additional resources added to the resource page 
  • Updates to the store product availability -- I have received excellent insight from my sister, a librarian, regarding some great early literacy books!
  • Review of a new Time Timer Plus! (Here is a hint: it rocks!)
  • Updated therapy insight posts
  • Suggestions for home activities
  • Information on new AAC device availability
  • My favorite apps, and how you can utilize them at home or in therapy
  • How to use everyday toys for language and speech practice
I look forward to gathering back some of my old readers and reaching many more happy faces out there in the interwebz. As always, feel free to comment or contact me should you have any questions/concerns, or if you just feel like say, "Hi!" 

Speechie Speaking... here we go!

Friday, September 20, 2013
Hello! Happy Friday.

While I always have good intentions of staying up to date with posts, it can be hard when life gets in the way. Today I am writing to talk about a project idea I have to recondition phones and tablets for use as communication devices.

AAC - Augmentative and Alternative Communication

One of my strong areas of interest in the field has always been the use of AAC. I love the idea of giving someone a voice when they otherwise struggle to communicate. There are many, many different types of AAC. Just some brief examples:

  • Low tech - Using items like pictures to request needs and desires. Can also include the activation of a device (think -- a big button!) to give a pre-recorded message. You can also see items that are devices created to play several pre-recorded messages.
  • High tech - This would encompass devices like computers, tablets, phones, etc. that run programs to generate speech. Some programs/apps work with simple pre-recorded messages. Others, which are more advanced, use speech synthesis to allow for the pronunciation of any words that are input. Some even allow for the addition of grammatical morphemes and automatically add syntactic elements!
Who needs it?

This answer is so wide... lots of kids and people do! The populations I see that I feel could benefit from a device include those who are unable to speak verbally, those who have gross motor difficulties that make the use of sign language impractical, those who can speak verbally but who struggle to do so; children with Autism; children with Apraxia of Speech; children with Down Syndrome; so many different kids. Any child who we can encourage to have a better way of communicating!

Here is where you can help:

I want to help children to receive devices for little to no cost to the family. Insurance, in most cases, will not cover high tech AAC devices completely or at all.  I need your help to get these kids devices. 


  • Old phones - Android or iPhone only - which have only cosmetic damage. They need to be in working condition with the ability to connect to a WiFi network.
    • If you have a phone that has been deactivated, and it could access an app store, chances are it will work!
  • iPads and iPod Touches - this really would be a dream donation, though I know that is very unlikely. 
What will happen to my old electronics device?

I plan to take the phones and tablets, wipe them entirely, and use them only over WiFi networks. I will download free, lite, or low cost communication applications that can be personalized for children on my caseload or children who I hear are in need from my SLP friends. Depending on the quantity and quality of devices received, the families may receive these devices to keep or receive them on a lending basis to trial until we can provide them with a similar device. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Yes, yes I am here. Speechie Speaking is reborn!

I have made a few tweaks in the design layout to fix some errors, but I plan to get back into writing and sharing about my love of all things Speechie.

Updates on me:
I am married! I married my high school sweetheart in November 2012. The last year was simply a whirlwind of preparation for our DIY wedding that was held at my parent's home. Since then, I have slowly been adjusting to life without a million wedding planning tasks to tend to. It has been nice, but odd to have life be slowed as much.

At work, I have taken on a graduate student as an intern for the summer months. I can't wait to share more about my experience as a supervisor in the coming posts. It has thus far been a very exciting journey.

I've learned a LOT more about the field in the last year, and I hope to share my knowledge with you.

Take care, and Happy Monday!
Monday, April 2, 2012
It has been quite in the world of Speechie Speaking for a while now! I have been quite busy with work and home/personal commitments, so unfortunately the blog had to sit quietly ignored for a while. I will be getting back into the routine ASAP! I have several videos to post within the next few days for visual aids. I hope everyone has well, and I hope you will continue to watch what is to come for Speechie Speaking.


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